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Introducing The Earth Nation; Building a Better Future For Humanity.

Our Mission: To find, develop, and make available to everyone, decentralized and ethical alternatives to every government and corporate product and service.

To co-create an international system that provides a full-spectrum of support for all people.

Our Vision: A unified human race, living in abundance, peace, and happiness.

We are…
1. A movement of people that believe in and are actively moving towards a world that works for everyone
2. A network of people doing what we can to support and uplift one another
3. An alliance of positive change organizations that are embodying solutions for many of humanity’s problems.
4. An alternative international government. Using online voting software to embody direct democracy and true representative democracy.

Our Global Objectives:
-Eliminate poverty.
-Eliminate all environmentally damaging behaviors and policies.
-Reduce government corruption by evolving current governmental policies to implement online voting software and direct democracy.
-Reduce violent crimes to less than 1% of the current rate.
-Reduce nonviolent crimes to less than 10% of the current rate.
-Reduce health problems to less than 5% of the current rate.
-Reverse and heal all environmental damage.
-Grow Food Forests over 5% of the world’s land surface.
-Upgrade national criminal systems to be focused on rehabilitation, rather than punishment.
-Develop and regulate an international resource based economic system.
-Facilitate the development of laws and regulations that lead towards fair treatment and support for all people, regardless of gender, race, belief, or class.

Earth Nation Core Projects, Partners, and Allies

EN Core Project: A business, nonprofit, or other organization started, managed, and controlled through the Earth Nations government processes.
Core Projects Include:
Online Education. Videos, Websites, Academies that empower, connect, and educate.
Earth Nation TV. Conscious media, broadcasted throughout a distributed new paradigm syndication network.
Earth Nation Market. The conscious competitor for amazon in the western hemisphere.
Earth Nation Application. A toolkit for humanity to educate, connect, and empower.
Equality Keys. An international, resource based economy, controlled, backed, and distributed by the ENA’s government consensus systems.
The DAO Space. A free online toolkit and system for holonic collective governance and resource distribution.
Permaculture Guild. Activating spaces into food forests.
Prismatic Productions. Highly discounted web/graphic/video creation for ENA projects. Earth Nation HQs. Spaces for visionaries to thrive in harmony and purpose.

EN Partner: A business, nonprofit, or other organization that does two or more of the following
1. Offers the Earth Nation a minimum of 3% net revenue as donation.
2. Offers the Earth Nation a minimum 15% discount for offered products/services.
3. Makes and continues a trade guild currency exchange with the EN Reserve.
4. Receives Equality Keys for a minimum 5% discount in exchange for goods/services.

Partners Include: STADA, DRASDA, World Creation Studios, One Stop Money Shop, Flower of Life Society, Terra Frutis, Permaculture Action Guild, EarthCycle International, EarthCycle USA, and The Light Foundation.

EN Ally. An organization embodying the frequency and channel of sentience in a way that fits the EN Network Ethos. We as a network do what we can to unconditionally support organizations with similar agendas to ours.

EN Allies include; One Community Global, Simbi, Numundo, Bitnation, Sioux Nation, Royal Kingdom of Hawaii, Superhero Academy, Conscious Media Coalition, Truth Theory, UBI, SBI, Quepasana Foundation, New Earth Nation, Comun Tierra, Ecobasa, Nectar, Pesco, Carbon-Cycle, Ecobuilt, and Arcadia.

How the Earth Nation Funding Process Works: Currently, the Earth Nation Alliance (ENA) is a 3 body voting system, with all three bodies needing to agree to pass a funding proposal. Proposals that do not require funds from the Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool do not require approval from the CCC or SET.

This voting happens on Our custom voting platform forked out of Loomio.

The Earth Nation Voteholders (ENV) is the primary voting body, designed to provide a platform for popular consensus to direct funding proposals.

The Council of Center Coordinators (CCC) is the executive voting body, designed to facilitate the intelligent actualization of popular proposals, and to ensure that funded projects are moving forward as planned.

The Strategic Economic Team (SET) is the analytical intelligence body, designed to facilitate overall growth for the entire EN network by occasionally shutting down or freezing proposals that have a strong likelihood of creating internal economic damage.

The Earth Nation as a Recognized Government
To Date, the Earth Nation is not yet recognized as its own Sovereign Nation. During this interim period while we go through the required processes to obtain recognition for our Sovereignty, we primarily utilize the Flower of Life Society, an Unincorporated Spiritual Ministry, and other for-profit legal entities that represent the Earth Nation in traditional courts.

We are actively working with the Royal Kingdom of Hawaii to assist them in instating the Sovereign rights already granted to them. It is part of our agreement with them, that we, the Earth Nation, will be granted a jurisdiction within theirs. When this process is complete, the Earth Nation will have its own courts, jurisdiction, taxes, and our voteholders will have the option of becoming an Earth Nation Citizen, complete with passport, id, drivers plates, ect.

Would you like to be involved? Here are the ways we are engaging with people now.
1. I’d like to learn more about the Earth Nation
2. I represent a decentralized, purpose driven organization.
3. I represent a Nonprofit organizations dealing in poverty, health, or pollution.
4. I represent a Local or National Government
5. I Donate to Good Causes.
6. I Make Investments/Partnership Agreements with Positive-Change Companies.
7. I’d Like to Buy Conscious/Sustainable/Ethical Products at a significant discount.
8. I’m Seeking Funding for a Paradigm Shift Project
9. I represent a Paradigm Shift Business or Organization that is seeking Advertising/Development Services
10. I am a scientist with a working prototype i want to release to the world.
11. I represent or know of a growth-stage company seeking to expand that is producing at least 30% APR historically.