The Earth Nation is a 3 body voting system. All three bodies must reach approval consensus in order for a proposal to be funded.

We use The Dao Space, a voting platform designed specifically for the EN to vote. Our system has two features that are not generally well known.

“Chaining and forking delegation of decisions”; means that if a Voteholder doesn’t vote, their vote automatically matches the majority of their delegates. For Example; Bob doesn’t vote on proposal 256. Bob has assigned Ted, Fred, and Mary to be his delegates. Ted and Mary vote Yes, and Fred votes No. Bob’s vote automatically becomes Yes at the end of the voting period.

“Primary Delegation”; means that there is an additional requirement to actively vote/make proposals outside of simply becoming a Voteholder. This means that initial Voteholders can only vote via assigning delegates.

Body One:

Our first voting body is the Keys Collective which utilizes chaining and forking delegation and primary candidate mechanisms along with a 3 round voting process with an initial 10 day and then 3 day time-frames per round that require 75%/70%/65% consensus to pass.

One vote per person.

Requirement to Vote; Acquire and Donate 1,000 Equality Keys to the EN Reserve.

Requirement to become a Primary Delegate; Complete one of the following;

A. Get a 30% approval from existing Primary Delegates

B. Get a 80% approval from the Council of Center Coordinators.

Body Two:

If the Keys Collective Proposal pass threshold is reached, the Council of Center Coordinators (CCC) then can block, amend, or pass with 80% consensus and a single 7 day voting process. If the CCC cannot reach consensus the CCC abstains.

One vote per person

Requirement to Vote; Complete one of the following

A. Get a 80% approval from the Council of Center Coordinators.

B. Become elected through a standard proposal passing through all 3 voting bodies.

Body Three:

Then the ASC representing the EN’s invested parties can pass or veto the proposal with 51% consensus and a 7 day voting process.

Weighted voting with no limits.

Amount of votes distributed in direct per portion to net value contributed to the ASC Fund. Contributions must be approved by the ASC before being accepted.

Entry requirements to each body of voting are different and some individuals hold voting power in all three bodies.