Layer 1: The Movement. The Earth Nation is a movement of people who are relating to each other around the idea of a “New Paradigm”. A simple way to describe this “New Paradigm” is as a cultural state of full spectrum wellness. Wellness in the way we think, feel, believe and act. Wellness in our relationships, wellness in our government, wellness in our corporate systems and wellness in the way we treat our planet.

There are millions of people across the world embodying the Earth Nation way of life. Most of them don’t know about the Earth Nation movement yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Layer 2: The Network. Within the movement of the Earth Nation is an ever growing number of people, intentional communities, for benefit businesses, humanitarian nonprofits and non dogmatic spiritual organizations that are choosing to make agreements with each other in order to help one another embody more of the New Paradigm.

There are hundreds of thousands of people associating in the Earth Nation Network, though many of these people do not yet know about the Earth Nation yet.

Layer 3: The Government. Within the network of the Earth Nation is an international decentralized government that utilizes internet based voting technology to pool resources and use collective intelligence with consensus decision making to distribute resources for the purpose of creating the most positive and impactful change we can.

There are hundreds of people directly involved in the Earth Nation Government and thousands of people indirectly involved.

Layer 4: The 5 Step Program. Elements of the Earth Nation Movement, Network, and Government have come together to create a support system for individuals to easily and gracefully transition into the New Paradigm.

Step 1: Wellness. Obtain Emotional Sovereignty. Be empowered in feeling connected, supported, excited and in love. We recommend a Quepasana course for a 10 day silent meditation course that will give you the awareness practices to consciously guide your own emotional experience.

We also recommend Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Matt Kahn, Osho, Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Jasmuheen, Power of Now, Gene keys, The Alchemist, Autobiography of a Yogi and Food of the Gods.

Step 2: Financial Empowerment. Become financially autonomous by acquiring funding through the EN Financial Program. Details here.

Use received funds towards required costs and then invest earned money towards historically profitable opportunities.

Many Earth Nation Members have utilized EarthCycleLightEarthShareEquality Keys and other opportunities to receive regular gains and returns.

Step 3: Find your Tribe. By visiting communities and attending events and experiences in the Numundo network.

Step 4: Live your Dreams. Work with the Earth Nation to find like-minds to accomplish something powerfully positive, purpose-oriented and fun in the world.

Step 5: Become an Ambassador. Assist others with transitioning into the New Paradigm.