We have extensively researched the top Superfood companies with full spectrum product lines.

Garden of LifeHealthForce, and Purium stand above every other brand we have found so far.

Of those three companies, our recommended choice is Purium. This is due to

1.Puriums extreme product testing

  1. Purium tests every batch of superfoods for all kinds of contaminants.
  2. Purium farms utilize beyond organic, and nearing biodynamic methods to grow more nutrient dense food.
  3. Purium uses a living dehydration process that prevents enzymes, nutrients, and minerals in the food from being damaged.
  4. When someone buys a Garden of Life Product, Monsanto gets your money. When you buy from Healthforce, the investors of Healthforce get your money. When you buy from Purium, more then 50% of the profits go to the Earth Nation for funding Paradigm Shift projects. The remaining profits are distributed to a network of change-agents that are actively helping the world.