The Earth Nation is actively supporting the development of Universal Basic Income, transformational festivals and experiences, cooperatively owned green businesses, conscious alternative media agencies, non-dogmatic spiritual practices, ecovillages, advanced technologies, decentralized autonomous organizations and intentional communities that are embodying the paradigm shift.

Our end goal is to make decentralized and ethical alternatives to every government and corporate product and service available to everyone, everywhere.

We have been entrusted with 15,000 acres of land on 5 continents, with enough infrastructure to host several thousand peoples, and our allied businesses hold more than 350,000,000 USD Equivalent in combined assets.

In the coming years, our plan is to claim our seat on the United Nations through the New Haven Native American Church and the UN recognized Sovereign Sioux Tribe. After claiming this seat we will have the ability to print out own passports and to empower our communities across the world as Sovereign Embassies of the Earth Nation.

Then we will establish our own courts, laws, law enforcement, taxes, and public services including K-College education, medical facilities, fire control, and dispute resolution.

We are absolutely serious about our goals and we have the connections, assets, resources, intelligence, and human power to make this dream a reality. It is only a matter of time.

If you find yourself aligned with a paradigm shift into an international culture that utilizes decentralized governance processes to more fairly distribute wealth and decision making to all peoples; please read on for more detail on what we are working on, what’s next, and how you can actively engage with us.

Our primary service for individuals wishing to immerse themselves more fully into the New Paradigm is to connect you with like-minded people, intentional communities, humanitarian projects, conscious experiences, education, positive change businesses, legal assistance and fiat/cryptocurrency financing to assist you in finding what you need to make your dreams a reality.

Our primary service for organizations wishing to further implement New Paradigm initiatives, projects, communities, and businesses is the enhancement of the efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity of your organization by implementing decentralized autonomous organizational protocols to enhance your community agreement field while gathering additional resources and utilizing collective intelligence to empower the literal implementation of your organizations action plan. For more information on this process, click here

For fully developed organizations that choose to implement aspects of Decentralization, we offer lines of credit that give your organization access to a wide variety of community and business development services including; land, infrastructure, vehicle, tool access, natural/commercial construction, permaculture food forestry, verticle aquaponic greenhouse development, legal development, software development, advertising, marketing, personnel training/recruitment, business development/deployment, engineering, blueprints and fiat financing.

Here are a handful of projects that the Earth Nation is currently developing.

Intentional, sustainable, co-governed communities in the USA, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

Four Green Positive Change businesses with currently 41 branches on 6 continents that are solving major systemic issues regarding poverty and pollution in a way that is fully scalable while producing upwards of 30% annual percentage return. Click here for more information

Two forms of fully functioning Universal Basic Income; Steem Basic Income and Manna.

A social media platform designed to aggregate the best content on the internet as decided by a decentralized consensus process. EarthShare is also designed to facilitate a creative basic income for content creators.

A MMO real-time strategy game awarding players with a daily cryptocurrency payment that can be converted to Fiat currency. Teaching players the power and strategy of combining cooperation and competition in a balanced way. Check out Realms of Light here.

Connecting likeminded intentional communities that are accepting volunteers, new community members, and access to conscious education events and experiences through Numundo and other networks.

Providing Shamans with legal protection and support to enable the right of practice of medicinal plant ceremonies for the purpose of spiritual practice and development through the New Haven Native American Church.

Marketing and Advertising services for paradigm shift organizations through Google Ads for nonprofits, and our Virtual Representation proprietary software intelligence suite.

Sound, light, and touch activation ceremonies to awaken consciousness inside of the body.

Open source blueprints for sustainable communities of any size through One Community Global.

Open source decentralized autonomous organization voting software that facilitates interoperability between instances, chaining and forking delegation of decisions, vote types, consensus thresholds, collective wealth stewardship pools, and collective currency creation, distribution, and trading through The Dao Space.

And more! These are just a few of our favorite projects happening within the EN Alliance.

Up next we are focusing on three major projects.

The first is a paradigm shift vocational training program that comes with priority hiring access to an ever growing number of positive change businesses that are changing the world for the better.

Second; we are developing land-based “Jhedi” training academies and online training programs for easier integration into the New Paradigm.

Third, we are facilitating the interconnected development of conscious alternative media agencies and educational news streams for the purpose of spreading awareness of the paradigm shift to more people.