The Light Foundation is responsible for the development of a multiverse of massive multiplayer online games that utilize “Light”; a utility token that generates and distributes interest to game-players in a fashion similar to Steem and the Steemit platform.

We are 11 months into the development of a MMO Real time strategy game modeled after Tribal Wars called Realms of Light. Gameplay is focused around player control of virtual villages and contested locations. Players are highly incentivized to compete over a limited number of prized locations that come with a high daily interest payout. Players may also steal villages from each other. At the same time players are constantly attacked by AI driven forces that can potentially take over entire regions of the map if left unchecked.

These gameplayer factors highly encourage a mixture of friendly competition and brutal pirate warfare while also requiring player cooperation; lest the players face annihilation. These factors in combination with leading edge liquid dynamic voting technology makes Realms of Light a living experiment in various governance models where the winners of the game win real money.

To play the game, to acquire additional villages, or to upgrade existing villages and armies, players must permanently lock “Light” into the gameworld. When “Light” is locked into the game this way, it starts to generate hourly interest in additional “Light” and also in another token; “Mana”.

The interest generated from locked “Light” is distributed to controllers of in-game villages (50%), contested locations (25%), to the developers of the game world (15%). and to the Light Foundation (10%). The exact amount of interest distributed every day is variable from 0.03% to 4% daily based on the current exchange value of Light. This mechanism is designed to stabilize the price of Light from 0.08 to 0.12 with fluctuations as high as 0.17 per during extreme growth periods and as low as 0.06 during economic depression.

Players may utilize their distributed Light interest to further expand their online empire (to acquire additional interest), to profit from other players purchasing Light, or to buy into other games in the Light Multiverse.

In the coming 3 months after we release public player beta we will be giving out 50 Light per player plus 15 light to affiliates for up to 1 million players. As we grow our player base we will reach out to our favorite and most innovate MMO games to offer them a deal they are unlikely to refuse; “We will significantly increase your monthly company profits at no risk and at no cost to you” by creating a fork of the game that utilizes the Light currency.

Many MMO games such as Runescape and Entropia peaked at millions of players and tens of millions a year in revenue. Many of these games are at a small fraction of their peak player base and revenue and IP owners are likely to be extremely open to a no risk and no cost guaranteed trial run of a fork of their game utilizing our alternative currency model.

We plan to have 10-15 games running forks of their game utilizing our “Light” currency within 2 years. 50% profits from Sales of “Light” from are reserved for further developing Game forks and for developing our own series of MMO games with a focus on integrated VR/AR/Console/PC/Real Life experiences. 30% of profits are reserved for developing complementary businesses such as gamer apparel stores that take “Light” for payment and for VR display cases linked in real time to “Light” Game Territories.

As of 11/25/2018 we are 11 months into the development of the Realms of Light product. 3 months into our private pre-beta. We are preparing to launch our Public Beta during the holiday season at 12/18/2018.

We have allocated 75,000,000 Units of Light for the sole purpose of giving out Light to new players of our games. The initial promotional will give each new player 50 Light plus another 15 Light for every player they bring into the game (and a 25% commission of sales of Light from purchases of players they recruit.)

We will initially market to players of Tribal Wars, (the game we based Realms of Light from) which has several hundred thousand players and over 100,000 in monthly revenues. We will market to them via the Tribal Wars in-game messaging and forum system. We will then market to 20+ other similar games via similar methods.

Other marketing outlets are; Gamer-related Discord, Telegram, and Reddit groups and rooms; gaming influencers on Youtube/Twitch/Instagram, and major entertainment related news outlets like TechCrunch.

We will also use more traditional methods such as google and facebook ads if we do not hit our target goals using more cost-effective methods.

Since Realms of Light is the first functioning game in recorded human history to distribute a regular USD-equivilable payout to investors and winners of the game (from an interest/growth model as opposed to a gambling/loss model). The sheer novelty and “WOW, COOL” reaction from this game in combination with our affiliate program and a relatively small initial marketing campaign will carry awareness of this game to a major portion of gamers in the english speaking world.

After the first game is released, within 6 months we intend to launch a fork of Wardragons, a small indie mobile game. From there we will offer several other titles a similar offer. After acquiring a minimum of 6 titles and 100,000 players we will begin approaching larger games such as RunescapeEntropiaEverquest, ect.

There have been three billion Light initially minted. Of which;

500M Light is reserved for the Light Foundation (This amount can only be permanently locked into Game Worlds (not sold))

500M Light is reserved as incentives for Light Foundation Game Developing Partners (This amount can only be permanently locked into Game Worlds (not sold))

100M Light is reserved for distribution during marketing/affiliate campaigns

1,900M Light is scheduled to be sold at pre-set rates.

1,000,000 Units of Light are being sold for 0.04 each

1,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.08 each.

3,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.09 each.

5,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.10 each.

10,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.11 each.

10,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.12 each.

10,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.13 each.

10,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.14 each.

500,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.15 each.

500,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.16 each.

850,000,000 Units of Light will be sold for 0.17 each.

800,000 Units of Light are still for sale at 0.04 each for a total of 32,000 USD.

Realms of Light is running a promotional until 3/1/2018 guaranteeing a daily 0.5% interest payout on Light locked into the game. After this period Realms of Light is guaranteeing a minimum 0.3% daily interest for an additional 100 days.

For trusted investors locking more than 10,000 USD into the game, your online territories are insured and automated, thus requiring no time or effort on your part to maintain your virtual territories. This insurance and automation service is free for the first year, after which a 35% fee will be applied to your interest growth.

All players coming into the game are taught how to purchase Light from the Waves decentralized exchange, as opposed to buying it from the game. This gives you the opportunity to sell Light at a discount to players purchasing Light.

A 32,000 USD investment will result in an equivalent 64,000 USD worth of Light. You can then lock this 64,000 Investment into Realms of Light to obtain a liquidatable return of about 30,000 USD within 100 days and then another return of a minimum 18,240 in the next 100 day cycle.

So, with 32,000 in, you will receive about 48,240 USD worth of Light within 200 days (If Light stays at 0.08 each, and it is likely to go up to 0.09-0.10 during that time, which would result in even higher gains) AND you will still have your initial Light investment of 64,000+ that you will continue to receive between 0.03% and 4% daily interest on depending on the daily value of Light on the exchange market. Furthermore you may gain an additional 5,000-25,000 (depending on the daily exchange rates of Light – Mana) USD worth  of Light through selling generated Mana in exchange for Light.

Exact daily interest rate after the initial 200 days is distributed according to this document.