If you generically explain the EN the same way to different people, then you have missed the entire point of being an EN Ambassador.

Our job is to intellectually discern the nature, intelligence, perspectives, and vocabularies of our audience. This is most easily done through asking questions of your audience before explaining the Earth Nation.

Our recommended initial questions are as follows

  1. Whats your name?
  2. Where do you live now?
  3. What is it like there?
  4. Why are you there?

This particular question string is extremely effective because questions 1 and 2 are normal conversational starters that make your audience feel comfortable engaging with you. The third question is non-standard, but still relatively simple to answer. The fourth question seems like a reasonable and logical extension of the third question, however; this fourth question is actually by far the most important as it is essentially asking your audience what their purpose in life is(without being so obvious about it).

When listening to each and every answer to your questions, pay close to attention to the tone and volume of your audience’s voice, to your audiences body posture/physical movements, and to the exact words your audience is using.

Whenever possible, modify your voice, body posture, and words to be similar to your audience.

There are 2 common categories of responses to the fourth question.

The first and most common response is something along the lines of “its where my work is, its where i grew up, its where my family is, i don’t know, its just where i am, ect”.

When you receive this response you can know that most likely the person you are talking to is not-empowered and is relating to you from a place of fear and scarcity.

The second response will always relate to your audience’s passion. If they respond to question 4 with something they are excited about, passionate about, or that is very meaningful to them as the reason they are living where they are.

When you receive this response you can know that person you are talking to is empowered and moving towards embodying their dreams.

As an EN Ambassador, you are seeking people who respond with Answer #2. When people respond with Answer #1 we recommend politely exiting the conversation.

If you receive the #2 Answer from an audience, your next question should more directly relate to their passion. You may potentially want to ask several questions relating to their passion before sharing with them about the EN in a way that directly relates to their interest.