We assist individuals in using traditional banking institutions like Chase, Wells Fargo, ect to obtain 0 collateral based loans, up to $500,000 per person.

Our team of professionals makes it as easy as saying yes and signing a document to start obtaining loans. Our experience in the banking industry ensures we can likely help you get multiple times higher loan amounts then you could obtain without our help.

This process relies on your FICO credit score. People with 750 and above can acquire loans within days, those underneath 750 will need to go through repair and rapid building, which takes between 2-9 months depending on the severity of the credit damage.

Our agency charges 12% of the loan amount we help you raise for our services.

Financial Program Steps to Success

  1. We need to check your credit to make sure you are bankable. Please go to www.privacyguard.com and get your membership. Send me the login, password and last 4 digits of your social security number. Then we can have a consultation on what your options are.
  2. If your credit needs repair then we can get that done for you. We will remove all the derogs and inquiries and then help you rebuild your credit so that you are bankable again. Cost ranges from $800-$1200 and can take 3-6 months average to complete. We follow all the laws in the fair credit reporting act and use them against the banks to force them to remove the items.
  3. If your credit is ready then we can immediately get you into personal funding program. This process is proprietary and involves using our knowledge of how the banks work. I have a strategy of how to apply to each bank so that you have the best chance of getting approved for the highest amount possible.
  4. You will be applying for Loans, Lines of credit and credit cards. I will write up a script and teach you everything you need to know in order to speak to the bank effectively. This process takes about 2 weeks and you can raise up to $200K depending on how strong your credit is.
  5. Next we will take some of that money raised and purchase a corporate entity. I will help you get it all set up legally and walk you through step by step how to build your business credit up strong.
  6. When its ready you will be able to get business lines of credit and credit cards that wont even show up on your personal credit because the business has its own Tax ID#.
  7. The goal is to provide you with the ability to tap into capital whenever you need it and to provide you with a safety net so that you never feel stuck. This will give you the confidence to pursue your ambition and live your dream while being successful in your financial life.