Before sharing the Earth Nation with someone who hasn’t heard about us yet, make sure your audience is actively interested in listening to you share. This is extremely important. When ambassadors babble about the EN to uninterested audiences it does us more harm then good.

In conversation, there are 2 primary gateways that you can utilize to start talking about the Earth Nation.

The first and easiest/most obvious gateway is when someone directly asks you a question about your personal interests, purpose, or job.

The second gateway requires a higher level of mastery and depth of understanding of Earth Nation and aligned projects. Very often in conversations you will hear someone talk about an interest that somehow lines up with one of the Earth Nation projects. You can respond to this interest by sharing with your audience about a particularly related EN Project and then use that to segway into an introduction to the Earth Nation.

We recommend initially introducing the EN with a simplified one sentence description. Such as “The EN is a international alliance of organizations supporting people across the world in being happy and living a life of wellness”.

Then; ask your audience whether they would like to hear more about it. If they do, explain to them the 4 layers of the EN. Make sure to speak slowly with small pauses in between explaining each layer to give your audience time to ask questions or redirect the conversation.

If they are still interested after hearing the 4 layers, then explain the 5 step program in more depth.

NEVER ASK YOUR AUDIENCE TO PARTICIPATE. This is really important. We NEVER ask ANYONE to do anything. If your audience is genuinely interested in the EN they will ask how they can participate.

Instead of asking your audience to participate, when you are complete, ask them if they have any questions and let them know you are here to serve them in further understanding and connecting with Earth Nation.