As an Earth Nation Ambassador, you are given the opportunity to be rewarded as you invite others to join us in the New Paradigm.

Your role is to inform others of the EN’s 5 step program. You will be awarded between $2000-$20000 per person that completes our program.

The EN Ambassador Reward Program;

$500 USD Cash bonus when one of your referrals completes phase one of our financial program.

$700 in Equality Keys cryptocurrency and $700 in Equality Keys Credits cryptocurrency every-time one of your referrals becomes a EN Voteholder.

10%-25% commission on Equality Keys, EarthCycle, Light, and EarthShare currency sales from your referrals. Commission variable depending on which currency.

20% of all currency earned by your referrals that become EN Ambassadors.

12% of all currency earned by your referral’s referrals (Tier 2).

8% of all currency earned by your Tier 3 referrals.