EarthShare is a social media platform designed to facilitate and incentivize the aggregation and ranking of digital content of all kinds to provide a keyword searchable index of the highest rated content as decided by the mass consensus of EarthShare token holders.

EarthShare (ES) combines the best elements of Reddit (300M Users) with Steemit (Top 60 cryptocurrency) and a MLM-esque user engagement system that distributes guaranteed regular rewards to artists in exchange for sharing content, promoting the ES network, and investing into the long-term growth of the ES platform.

The ES blockchain is a fork of Steem; it operates in a nearly identical fashion, with there being only a few major differences between the two chains.

1. EarthShare content can be upvoted indefinitely

2. There is a 4th kind of currency; Ancient Earth Power, which can never be unlocked and grants 30% more voting power then Earth Power.

3. The EarthShare website showcases best of all time, best of the year, best of the month, and best of the week for each tag.

4. Commercial sale of upvotes or downvotes is highly regulated. Self upvoting is regulated.

5. User behavior (trolling) is highly regulated.

6. 50% of the Initial EarthShare token pool is reserved for bots/projects/communities/initiatives that enhance the ES Platform.

7. 50% of the interest growth generated from the ES token ecosphere is pre-allocated for distribution to ES artists.

8. When commercial upvotes are purchased, 50% of the tokens used to acquire the vote are removed permanently from circulation.

A huge portion of the interest growth of the ES platform is distributed via bots that give a higher regular distribution to artists depending on their “ES Ambassador Level”. Levels range from 1-100 and artists must meet continuingly increasing requirements for quality of generated content, size of following, number of referees, and the amount of ES tokens locked into Ancient Earth Power.

The ES Ambassador program is designed to reward the artists the help make the ES Platform a commercial success with a regular creative basic income, paid in ES tokens.

As the ES Platform grows to include a broad spectrum of high quality content, and as social media influencers convert to the ES platform and bring a portion of their following with them; ES Platform views will continue increasing. Commercial advertisers will continue purchasing upvoted content, and eventually the amount of ES Tokens removed from circulation via advertising purchase will be higher then the amount of ES Tokens generated via interest.

When this happens the value of ES Tokens will increase drastically and continue raising in proportion to the amount of viewers of the ES Platform.

As of 1/26/2018 4 months ago we hired the creators of to make the EarthShare fork. We are 3 months into upgrading our fork with custom features. We have encountered difficulty in this task with our current team, which has limited experience actually developing a Steem-like blockchain.

An appropriate team of coders can complete all upgrades we require within 3 months, with a player beta out within 30 days of first payment. Estimated cost is $20,000.

Earth Nation is well connected with most of the largest alternative social media networks in the western hemisphere of Earth, including Collective EvolutionTruth TheoryUnify, and 20+ other networks with more than 30 million combined followers.

These networks will help us seed the initial EarthShare marketing campaign. We will also use traditional online marketing methods if need be to reach our target minimums.

Once we have reached a minimum threshold, the EarthShare community and ambassadors will be paid in ES token interest growth to continue promoting and expanding the network.

EarthShare investors are given an automated 75% of the interest growth from their Earth Power. Similar to Steem, the annual percentage return for ES investors ranges from 20%-30% yearly.

However, unlike Steem; EarthShare tokens are designed to rapidly increase in value when target thresholds of viewers/commercial advertisers are reached. Investors that buy into EarthShare before these thresholds are reached are likely to see 100 times or higher gains in a single year as ES tokens go from pennies to dollars.

300,000,000 ES Tokens initially minted. Of that, 150,000,000 are reserved to be delegated via a decentralized ES Community voting process. The remaining 150,000,000 are being sold at varying amounts.

An initial 1,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold for $0.02 each for a total of $20,000; which is how much we require to start the Public Beta.

5,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.04 each.

5,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.05 each.

10,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.06 each.

10,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.07 each.

10,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.08 each.

10,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.09 each.

20,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.10 each.

20,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.11 each.

20,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.12 each.

20,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.13 each.

20,000,000 ES Tokens are being sold at $0.14 each.

95% of the funds received from the sale of ES Tokens are being used for the sole purpose of developing and expanding the ES Platform.

Users and investors of EarthShare will be given the opportunity to purchase ES Tokens from other users for less then the cost of ES Tokens from EarthShare Inc. This gives you the option to liquidate your ES Tokens and your ES Token generated interest anytime after the ES Platform launches.