You will find your time far more rewarding working with 10 people closely then you will spamming 10,000 people with knowledge of the EN.

The vast majority of humans need someone they trust to walk them, one step at a time, through the 5 step program.

As an EN Ambassador, you are a mentor, a guide, a life-coach, and a best friend to everyone you walk through the program.

Once you have found someone who has shown that they want to go through the program, we recommend setting up a real-time meeting to start walking them through this Academy and the first steps.

Then, follow up at least once a week until they have completed the Academy and are in process for steps 1-3. After that check in once a month to make sure they are progressing (for at least the first year).

However, if you find that any of your mentees are consistently(3 times in a row) not following the next steps, then drop them and cease contact. Your time is better utilized elsewhere.

When you spend time with your mentees…. make sure to show a genuine and consistent interest in where they are in their lives emotionally, professionally, and in their relationships. Offer feedback and wisdom and make sure to reserve time just to drop in and connect on an emotional level every-time you talk to them.