The Earth Nation is an International Society of positive change organizations and people that are dedicated to finding, developing, and implementing solutions for every major challenge the human race deals with today. 

Are you dealing with a challenge in your personal life or in the development of your organization that you seek to overcome?

Or do you offer or know of a solution that may benefit others? 

Either way, the Earth Nation is here to support you.


The Earth Nation offers a comprehensive spectrum of open source information and personal/commercial services that assist individuals and collectives in overcoming their current challenges, whatever they may be.

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Solutions for Individuals

We offer solutions for challenges related to health, happiness, connection and fulfillment.


Are you suffering from chronic health issues related to immune system health?

We have numerous nutritional and technological solutions that effectively improve a broad spectrum of physical illnesses by detoxifying all aspects of the body and restoring the full strength of your natural immune system.


Are you feeling isolated and alone in the world?

We can connect you to online and offline communities of like-minded and heart centered people that will genuinely care for and support your well being.


Are you feeling depressed?

We can connect you to teachers and guides that will show you tools and techniques that will lead you towards a life of happiness and purpose-aligned fulfillment.


Are you experiencing a lack of financial resources? Would you keep your job if you didn’t need your salary to maintain your lifestyle?

Our Network of entrupeneers, highly paid professionals and investors have the knowledge you require to make money work for you, so you’ll never be stuck doing something you don’t want to do.


Are you feeling like others don’t understand you? Do you sometimes have a hard time understanding others? Do you ever get into arguments?

We can give you the skills to be a master communicator, so you can effectively communicate with, negotiate with, or persuade almost any person or group that shares an interest with you, regardless of the differences between you and them.


Are you dealing with violence or theft/damage of your property? Are you concerned about the safety of your family?


Personal Security

Proper discernment training, combined with basic martial arts and modern tools such as tasers, bear mace, and bull horns can protect you from all but the most hardened criminals.

Family Security

Pulse-detection technology can determine when a loved one is experiencing an unexpectedly dangerous situation. Once detected a distress signal can be automatically broadcasted via a wireless phone that also transmits audio/video and gps location to the rest of your family and the local authorities.

Home security

Automated home defense systems that incorporate laser detection and non-lethal concussive payloads in addition to darts laced with sedatives directly at intruders are highly effective for countering home invasions.

Solutions for Business
Start Ups

Are you developing a start up company?

Does your start up require additional capital access? We can assist you in raising capital from traditional banking institutions.

9 times out of 10, there is an existing company or a similar initiative that can greatly assist in the development of your start up through a strategic partnership.

Existing Business

Does your existing business need increased capital access, additional customers, better team members, or higher quality development services in order to continue growing and expanding?

For most businesses, the Earth Nation can connect you to what your company needs to grow.

Solutions for Purpose-Driven Organizations
The Earth Nation has legal tools, marketing outlets, software and hardware technologies, and access to capital funding and strategic partnerships that can assist your organization in greater and more effective fulfillment of your collective purpose.

Solutions for Local Governments/Local Communities.

The Earth Nation offers turn key commercial processing and production facilities that utilize the best of ancient and advanced technologies to effectively convert costly problems into lucrative solutions.

Waste to Energy

Pyrolysis processing plants are able to convert 98% of urban and agricultural waste into diesel fuel, oil, and biochar while producing energy comparable to a nuclear power plant. These facilities produce no toxic emissions.

High Density Food Production

By combining the leading edge of vertical growing, aquaponics, water structuring, LED lighting, automated climate control, and top manufacturing processes we are able to offer a food production solution capable of producing 90,000 lbs of leafy greens for as little as $40,000 while requiring only one full time worker.

Oil and Solvents

Pyrolysis technology converts dirty oil and solvents, almost every liquid that comes out of any car, boat, plane, train, or manufacturing facility into clean oil and solvents. It typically costs 50% less to recycle oils and solvents compared to producing additional oils and solvents.

Medical Technology

By properly utilizing leading edge medical technologies for preventative care, in combination with proper diet, health problems can be decreased by as much as 90% in any population.

Agricultural Technology

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Water structuring devices can increase crop yields from between 20-100%+ while simultaneously decreasing the need for fertilizers and pesticides by 90%+. Water retention is also increased by upwards of 30%, decreasing the amount of water required proportionately.

Permaculture techniques and methodology can further increase yields upwards of 30% while further decreasing the need for water, pesticides and fertilizers.

Food forest community parks are a major low-cost solution for health and poverty in urban areas. For nearly the same cost of upkeep as a traditional park, food forest parks can produce ample amounts of food for the local population while also serving as a fantastic environment to spend time in.

Voting Technology

By implementing secure and incorruptible online voting systems, local communities and governments can effectively reduce voting fraud and corrupt politicians, while increasing the amount of representatives to better serve the needs and desires of populations of any size. These systems are also much less costly and allow for more effective, rapid and dynamic decision making.

Local Currency

Implementing a local currency gives populations access to collectively created wealth and value without requiring funds from external sources. This additional funding can be used on projects that better the lives of everyone involved.


Implementing a 911 phone application that starts recording and transmitting audio/video/gps location at the press of button in combination with sending a distress notification and live feed to all nearby people drastically reduces violent crime.

Violent crime can be further reduced by implementing local emergency enforcement response programs.

Nonviolent crime can be effectively reduced with proper surveillance and intelligence tactics.

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