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You have selected the Earth Nation Voteholdership membership level.

This membership comes with all of the perks of Solutions Portal, Earth Nation, and Financial Access Memberships.

As an Earth Nation Voteholder you gain the following rights

-All of the perks of Solutions Access Portal Membership, EN Membership and Financial Access Portal Membership
-One vote in the Earth Nation Voteholder's Council.
-Potential Access to join the SET and CCC Voting Parties.
-Access to the EN's Voteholder only chatrooms, forums, video meetings, and hub-spaces (located in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Missouri, Oregon, and Arizona).
-Access to EN confidential information regarding EN business, investment, trade, and advanced technologies. 

Once your Voteholdership is purchased, there is a 90 day window during which the EN may choose to refund your Voteholdership. During your 90 day trial period, it is important that you be available to connect with us via video meetings and through email, so that we can get to know your character.

During this trial period, you may choose to refund your Voteholdership.

After the 90 day trial period, your rights do not expire, and can only be removed through either
-A formal resignation from you
-A Earth Nation Voteholder's exile proposal because one broke one's integrity and caused the EN or connected members/organizations significant harm.


Soon EN Voteholders will also have the opportunity to become EN Citizens. 

We are working actively with the Kingdom of Hawaii and with the Sioux Nation to obtain our own Sovereign Status.

We are in process for our own passports/ids/drivers licenses/plates and soon after our own courts, legal processing, law enforcement, and tax regions.

The price for membership is $4,000.00 now.

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