The Awoken are people who have unlocked the secret of the mystery that is true fulfillment and happiness. Regardless of external circumstance, The Awoken always return to an equilibrium that is a state of joy, bliss, hope and peace.

The Awoken typically have a conscious (and always a subconscious) understanding of the nature of reality and the mechanics of Qi, energy, presence and manifestation. They almost always live a life of service to others and often to the world.

The Awoken can also fit within the New Paradigm Leader, Freedom Fighter, and Healer Groups, however, their status as Awoken supersedes their other groups in terms of how you connect with Awoken Ones.

Engaging with The Awoken is typically different then with other groups.

Recommended interactions with this group involve presence and energy for long periods before entering into a deep dive into the mental/co-creative space. Long eye gazes, breathing and toning hugs that can last many minutes, deep synchronized breathing are some of the most common presence techniques shared among awoken ones, more information on how to perform these techniques to be found later in this academy.

When engaging with the Awoken, 6 to 30 hours of time shared in the same space are recommended before requesting for a deep drop in.

During this drop in, dive deeply into the life story and core intentions and plans of the Awoken one. Share the same with them and from that knowing share all relevant commissionable connections.