Awakening Muggles are people living their lives submerged in the murk of the traditional paradigm. Typically awakening muggles work a job they hate, and feel utterly trapped in their reality.

Awakening muggles are subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) seeking a way out of the existence that is their life. At the same time they typically hold a lot of fear regarding actually breaking free of the chains that bind them and there is a constant tug-aware between a subconscious desire for freedom, and a subconscious desire for the safety of being normal and accepted by family and peers.

Awaking muggles typically cannot discern whether someone is lying to them, as a result they are often extremely suspicious when hearing about anything that may possibly bring them hope. This quality trait often makes this connectable group the longest and most difficult to make a commissionable connection with.

A long term mentor-ship approach with Awakening Muggles has been shown to often work best.

Inspire them with love and serve their growth. Ask questions that help them look deeper into themselves. Share embodiment practices and suggest development resources such as

– Yin Yoga Playlist, a free online playlist filled with conscious, awakening and inspiring music.
– High Vibe Network, a online community that pays you to learn and grow through online written and video education.
– Gaia TV, a Database of Consciousness Expanding Videos.
– HayHouse, a database of personal growth books and online courses.
– Earth Nations Recommended Spiritual Teachers, an online academy detailing several spiritual thought leaders and educators.
– Quepasana – Free 10 day meditation retreat on the beach of Hawaii. Based on traditional Vipassana, but integrated with Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Standard Yoga, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Conscious Music, and Gourmet Vegan Food.

There are two classes of Awakening Muggles that differ which commisionable connections are most likely to be relevant.

Class One. Victims.
Awakening Muggle Victims typically work a job they hate, don’t experience an abundance of money, and deep inside they often feel they live in a hard brutal word that doesn’t care about them.

The cure of disease is the most sought after connection in this group class. You will find you need a significant amount of trust to open a Awakening Muggle Victim to even exploring the idea that the cure for disease is real and accessible
This group typically can’t connect with other commissionable connections until they evolve into another group class.

Class Two. Masters.
Awakening Muggle Masters typically come from wealthy families and earn more then they can reasonably spend.

While this group has an abundance of resources, they typically have a lack of genuine connection, affection, unconditional love, and presence in their lives. Subconsciously and sometimes consciously Awakening Muggle Masters are seeking these qualities and traits from their living experience.

This group is often open to all categories of commissionable connections and can be mentored to make excellent New Paradigm Ambassadors.