Mana, Prana, Chi, Ki, Qi, are all terms for the same force that flows through all of life.

Air, Breath, is the channel through which we absorb this life force.

As we pull Qi into our being, we can then consciously direct that Qi throughout our body, outside of our body, and into spaces and other bodies.

Qi that enters and exits our bodies becomes characterized and textured by our feelings. When other beings experience this Qi, they feel a portion of the feelings we infused our Qi with.

As New Paradigm Ambassadors it is our responsibility to draw, gather, hold, and share Qi that has been textured with love, happiness, peace and inspiration.

This process has two distinct aspects.
1. Embodiment practices that include meditation, breathwork and movement to cultivate Qi and clear the body of blockages.
2. Integrated mental/emotional processes that facilitate the connections required for a generally blissful, excited and relaxed state of being as our normal state of being

We will go deeper on the second aspect later in the course. Initially we will focus on gathering and moving Qi.