Positive Change Connections are for people that wish to, or already creating positive change in the world.

1. Donation portal for humanitarian world shift projects.

Target Audience: People that want to give towards systemic positive world change and reform. Projects include uplifting people from poverty and environmental protection/restoration.

Offering: A portfolio of audited world change projects. Donors may select which project(s) they most prefer.

Commission: 10% of the amount donated. Capping at 10,000 USD per connection.

2. Unincorporated Spiritual Ministries

Target Audience: People doing good in the world that want complete financial sovereignty and freedom from taxes, audits, and financial reporting.

Offering: USA based unincorporated spiritual ministries are exempt from all taxes, have no spending requirements, no filing requirements, and can own assets, distribute income, and make investments like an accredited investor. Ministries can open up taxless bank accounts in nearly every country in the world. Cost of opening a ministry is 4,000 USD. Approved groups only.

Commission: 500 USD.

8. Earth Nation Membership.

Target Audience: People interested in learning more about and participating in the new paradigm shift.

Offering: Access to an online international community of people changing the world. Opportunities, education, and connection.
Commission: 30% of monthly donation amount, ranging from 1 USD to 20 USD per month in commission. 

15. Community/Ecovillage/Business Development Services.

Target Audience: People that are starting or expanding a business, community, or physical space.

Offering: Broad Spectrum consultation program that interlinks with a full spectrum of professional development services. Consultation packages range from 3,000 to 15,000 USD.

Commission: 10%.