What is the difference between an observation, an assumption, a judgement, and an understanding?

Observations are literal facts that can not be argued, such as the color of an object or the name of a person.

Assumptions are untested ideas or perspectives that are based on observation.

Judgments are assumptions that someone is lesser for having a certain quality or trait, such as being fat or drinking alcohol.

Compassion is the act and perspective of seeing all things and people as equal, neither better nor worse, right nor wrong, good or evil.

Understandings are assumptions that have been tested through continued observation.

Example 1: I observe someone who is obese. I assume that this person is lazy and eats a lot. I judge that they are ugly and probably dumb and useless.

I shift perspective from duality and judgement to unity and compassion, i remember i know nothing of this person or the life events that shaped them into this form. I choose to see them as a version of myself, a fractal of the one.

I open up to the assumption that perhaps they are not stupid and useless. I have a conversation with them and discover the understanding that this person is simple, dedicated, and wise.

Never assume an assumption is truth. Always test your assumptions against observations to determine and evolve your understanding.

Judge nothing and no one. Be compassionate with even the vilest of criminals. Destructive, violent and abusive behavior patterns are born from trauma. Remember that anyone you are judging has suffered tremendously and is doing the best they can to cope with the trauma and abuse they have suffered.

In the field and presence of Unconditional Love all things are forgiven and all beings are given the opportunity to release their trauma and destructive behaviors.

As New Paradigm Ambassadors, it is our job to hold this field and presence, with all people in all situations.

You may be shocked to find that even the darkest of people act very differently in a field of unconditional love. There is love and kindness inside of every human.

If you struggle to hold compassion with someone else, this is a clear sign that there is a part of yourself that you are struggling to forgive and hold compassion for.