Right and Wrong.

The concepts of right and wrong are designed to support empirical slave societies and culture.

Being right instantly justifies anything, even genocide. Being wrong instantly condemns anything, thus normalizing judgement and punishment.

In reality, these concepts do not exist. They are illusionary and designed to entrap you.

Rather then thinking about right and wrong, instead think “This is in alignment with me” or “This is not in alignment with me”.

Things that were previously “right” are now “in alignment with me”. Things that were previously “wrong” are now “not in alignment with me.”

While someones perspective cannot ever be wrong, it can however be “distorted”. This means their perspective is not clear (aka biased) and is somehow reducing their capacity to understand the full truth.

Pro Tip. Everyone’s perspective is distorted. Everyone. There is no living human that sees the full and entire truth. Our brains literally cannot handle or fathom the full capacity of what is transpiring on every level of life and existence.

If you think you see the fullest and most complete truth there is, you are in desperate need of help. This is a sure sign of inflated spiritual ego, which is one of the most sinister and prevalent distortions in the world. We will go more into depth on this later.