Personal Development Commissionable Connections primarily revolve around

1. Cure for Cancer, Alcheimzers, Diabetes, Aids, HIV, other STDs, Brain Disorders, Pain, Sickness, Fatigue, PTSD, and many other diseases.

Target Audience: People suffering from disease.

Offering: An ancient lineage of ancient chinese/ayurvedic practitioners that travel the world curing people through diet and science with over a 99% success rate and several thousand people cured with extremely well documented scientific evidence including photos, videos, blood tests, organic tests, energy readings, ect. Cost of service is 300-1000 (depending on the practitioner) USD per day plus travel and accommodation for the healer and the cost of food.

Commission: 10% of the money given to practitioner, typically 500 to 1,000 USD.

2. Immersion Ticket Sales.
Target Audience: People interested in ascension arts, embodiment practices, living a life of joy, health, happiness and connection.

Offering: An intensive 44 day immersion covering a wide variety of embodiment practices, adventures, connection, ceremony, meditation, and applicable real world knowledge.

Commission: 500 USD per person.

3. If you have a paid healing or mentorship practice you can let your services be known. Come to one of our Immersions to learn such a practice if you don’t already know.

There are numerous non-paid connections in this category that can assist you in building trust to lead towards a commissionable connection.

– Yin Yoga Playlist, a free online playlist filled with conscious, awakening and inspiring music.
– High Vibe Network, a online community that pays you to learn and grow through online written and video education.
– Gaia TV, a Database of Consciousness Expanding Videos.
– HayHouse, a database of personal growth books and online courses.
– Earth Nations Recommended Spiritual Teachers, an online academy detailing several spiritual thought leaders and educators.
– Quepasana – Free 10 day meditation retreat on the beach of Hawaii. Based on traditional Vipassana, but integrated with Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Standard Yoga, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Conscious Music, and Gourmet Vegan Food.

Once you’ve successfully made a personal development connection with someone, you can then often create a Wealth or Ambassador connection, which award many times more.