Lets explore two forms of breathwork.

#1. Breath of fire.
Short, rapid exhales from the gut. Active exhale, passive inhale. Hands up in the air or together and moving up and down. Can be done sitting or standing. 3-8 minutes.

#2. Breath of Life.
Deep, Powerful inhales from the chest. Passive or Active Exhales. Sitting or Standing. 2-5 minutes. Move arms in verticles circles starting at the heart and going out and change the direction of the circle every 30-60 seconds.

For both excercies; At the end of the process, deep exhale, full inhale, hands above the head with fingers clasped and index fingers pointed up. Hold breath, sip more breath, squeeze muscles, hold, 30-60 seconds. Then release.

Video embeds below will probably make a lot more sense to you. Coming soon, in the meantime watch the meeting recordings.