Having a dedicated daily embodiment practice is one of the key foundations of living in the New Paradigm.

When self-care is your number one priority, you will experience a great depth of support for yourself and the realisation of your dreams.

To graduate this course, you must provide proof of 22 days of consecutive embodiment practice.

Your embodiment practice must include at least 30 minutes of breath work. You can practice any breath work of your choosing, and you may combine breath work with movement if so desired.

Please record your breath work using a recording application on your phone. If you don’t have such an application, simply search in your mobile App Store for “free audio recording”. Make sure your breathing is notably audible in your recording.

After making the recording, upload the audio file to your google drive, or a similar e hosting service with easy shareable links.

Once your file is uploaded, click on “get shareable link” and then copy that link. Then fill out this form and insert the shareable link.

You will need to fill out the above form 22 times to graduate the course. Form entrees must be at least 18 hours apart from each other (file the form once per day).

If you miss one or more days of consecutive embodiment practice, you will need to explain the lapse to your instructor during your final exam.