Being able to rapidly discover the essence and nature of whomever you are speaking to is an important part of being an EN Ambassador.

Having an discovery conversation has a few steps.

1. Establish Eye Contact. Make eye contact (and smile) for a minimum of 2 seconds before starting a conversation. If someone is unable to hold eye contact for a minimum of 2 seconds, they are not open to you and will be unlikely to have a deep conversation with you.

2. Ask discovery questions that lead to a deeper and more intimate awareness of the person. Some of my favorites are

Where are you from? (This is a “normal question” that helps make people feel comfortable).

What is it like there? (Still a relatively normal question, but the answer to this question can reveal a lot. The person can talk about the weather, their friends, the environment, the industry, or entertainment. What and how they choose to answer this question reveals a lot about the person and what they are focused on).

Why do you live there? (This question will weird many people out, as you are essentially asking them what their purpose in life is. If the person gives a genuine answer to this question, it will reveal what is most important to them).

What are you passionate about (A more direct way of asking about the core nature of a person).

What are you learning now (Another excellent revealing question regarding where someone is at in their growth and development cycle).

3. After these baseline questions, or questions like them, continue being curious about persons passions. If possible, share something about yourself that aligns with the other persons passions.

During the conversation, if you find that the person your talking to is spending more then 60% of the time looking away, stop talking. Let the conversation drop or let the other person start leading the conversation. Likewise, if the person you are talking to is giving short, empty responses, stop talking.

I recommend spending additional time with people who are able to answer these questions with excitement and passion. People that respond to these questions with fear or suspicion are best avoided, as they are very unlikely to be receptive to the New Paradigm.

When you find a strong initial connection with someone, obtain their contact and schedule a one on one or small group hang out.

Don’t initiate conversation about EN and associated projects unless the person expresses a strong interest in the New Paradigm during the discovery conversation. If the person does express a strong interest, talk only about the project that is most relevant to them.