Tip Number 1: There is no try.

As Yoda once said “Do, or do not do. There is no try”.

Remove the word try from your vocabulary. Instead say what you are doing, or what we are doing. When you add the word “try” you inherently imply a chance of failure.

We do not fail, for the only way to fail is to give up. We don’t give up, so we cannot fail. We cannot fail so we do not try. We are “in the process” with the inevitable outcome of success.

You do not need the word try. Remove it from your vocabulary all together.

Tip Number Two: Yes and, instead of No but.

Anytime and every-time you would ever want to say “No but”, “however”, or any other kind of disagreement response, instead say “Yes and”.

For Example.
Person One: “I think drinking milk is good for me”.
You, the Ambassador “Yes, and did you know that when milk is homogenized that its denatures the nutrients and makes the milk worse then unusable to the human body?”

Drinking raw, unprocessed milk straight from a happy healthy animal may or may not have positive benefits (I’ve seen evidence on both sides of this argument, its really a matter of perspective…). However, store or restaurant bought milk has been proven to be a toxic poison and drug for the human body.

So, while the milk Person One is drinking is actually very bad for them, we do not deny or reject their perspective. We say “Yes and”, then give them another perspective that gives them the opportunity to evolve their current perspective.

By saying “Yes and” instead of a rejection response, we trigger a very different neurological response in the person we are speaking to. Rejection responses shut down the receptive part of the brain, making the person we are speaking to non-receptive and then typically defensive and argumentative to our perspectives.

Sharing a positive affirmation response instead opens up the brain to growing with additional perspectives.

If verbally agreeing to something you don’t logically or literally agree to seems strange to you, think about this.

When you say “Yes And” you are not necessarily agreeing with the persons perspective, you are saying YES to them as a living conscious being. You are agreeing with the very nature of their being and existence. You are stating that you are there to support and nurture their perspectives and thoughts without trying to make them wrong, or lesser.