Commissionable connections are projects that pay you when you bring someone to the project.

These connections come into 5 categories. Personal Development, Wealth, Business, Positive Change and Ambassadors.

Well go more into depth on the many connections available in each category.

Connectable groups are demographics of people that are actively seeking different project groups.

Connectable group titles and descriptions are themed and characterized in a way to help make these groups more memorable to you, do not take the Group titles and descriptions too seriously and never assume what is described for each group is always true for each person. Not everyone fits into a connectable group, but the vast majority of people you can create a commissionable connection with fit into one of the following…

Connectable groups are; The Awakening Muggle, The Freedom Fighter, The Healer, The Leader, and the Awoken.

In the coming lessons are details regarding each connectable group.