This section is by far the most comprehensive and lucrative of all Connection Categories.

Business and money go hand in hand, and the commission rates for making business connections reflects this.

1. Water Structuring Technology.
Target Audience: People that grow crops in first world countries.

Offerings: A water structuring device that increases crop yields by an average of over 30%. Technology is offered at no cost to the farmer for a risk free trial. After the trial, farmers pay a small fraction of their increase in yield.

Commission: Generally runs about 2,000 USD per month per farm for a 10 year contract. 240,000 USD over the course of 10 years.


2. Clothing manufacturing.
Target Audience: People who want to start or who have a clothing line.
Offering: Manufactured clothing for between 4 USD (T-shirts, hats, ect) and 12 USD (Pants, jackets, ect) per item, shipping included. Color printing, custom cuts and designs, anything is possible.
Commission: 8% of the order, on-going commission.

3. Technology manufacturing.

Target Audience: People that want a custom line, or want to reduce costs for any kind of tech, from cell phones, laptops, robots, automation, vacuums, ect.

Offering: We work with the China merchants guild out of Shenzhen, China, the manufacturing capital of the world. We can liason the production of any form of technology at the most competitive prices in the world.

Commission: 4% of the order, on-going commission.

4. Business cost reduction services.
Target Audience: Business owners.

Offerings: Tax reduction and outsourcing services for digital tasks such as legal, websites, applications, graphic design, and video editing. We can typically assist companies to cut costs by 30% or more. Cost of service is 30% of the reduced amount.

Commission: 10% commission.

5. Medical Insurance Billing Service.
Target Audience: Medical Practitioners and Clinics in the USA.

Offering: The ability for clinics and practitioners to bill insurance for treatments, up to 15,000 USD per treatment. Cost of service is 8% of the amount billed plus 500 USD per patient.

Commission: 10% commission. 

Business Development Services.
Target Audience: People that are starting or expanding a business, community, or physical space.

Offering: Broad Spectrum consultation program that interlinks with a full spectrum of professional development services. Consultation packages range from 3,000 to 15,000 USD.

Commission: 10%.