Earth Nation Ambassadors are paid a commission for every “commission-able connection” made.

This is not a sales job. We are not sales people. We do not use any old paradigm sales tactics. We do not seek people to buy things.

We share awareness, inspiration, connection, and help people find what they are seeking, on both a metaphysical, emotional level and a literal practical level.

On the literal, practical level; Commissions range from a few hundred dollars to a tens of thousands of dollars per connection.

There are currently 15 classes of commission-able connections.

We will be going into each of these projects in detail over this training. When your training is complete you will know the intimate details of how each project works, who’s behind it, where it is, and why it exists.

1. Water Structuring Technology.
Target Audience: People that grow crops in the USA/Canada.
Offerings: A water structuring device that increases crop yields by an average of over 30%. Technology is offered at no cost to the farmer for a risk free trial. After the trial, farmers pay a small fraction of their increase in yield.
Commission: Generally runs about 2,000 USD per month per farm for a 10 year contract. 240,000 USD over the course of 10 years.

2. Cure for Cancer, Alcheimzers, Diabetes, Aids, HIV, other STDs, Brain Disorders, Pain, Sickness, Fatigue, PTSD, and many other diseases.
Target Audience: People suffering from disease.
Offering: An ancient lineage of ancient chinese/ayurvedic practitioners that travel the world curing people through diet and science with over a 99% success rate and several thousand people cured with extremely well documented scientific evidence including photos, videos, blood tests, organic tests, energy readings, ect. Cost of service is 300-1000 (depending on the practitioner) USD per day plus travel and accommodation for the healer and the cost of food.
Commission: 10% of the money given to practitioner, typically 500 to 1,000 USD.

3. Immersion Ticket Sales.
Target Audience: People interested in ascension arts, embodiment practices, living a life of joy, health, happiness and connection.
Offering: An intensive 44 day immersion covering a wide variety of embodiment practices, adventures, connection, ceremony, meditation, and applicable real world knowledge.
Commission: 500 USD per person.

4. Green/Sustainable/Ethical High return investment portfolio.
Target Audience: People that want to receive 30%+ annual interest on their savings.
Offering: A portfolio of audited companies that have historically provided a minimum 30% annual return on investment.
Commission: 10% of the amount invested. Capping at 100,000 USD per person. 

5. Donation portal for humanitarian world shift projects.
Target Audience: People that want to give towards systemic positive world change and reform. Projects include uplifting people from poverty and environmental protection/restoration.
Offering: A portfolio of audited world change projects. Donors may select which project(s) they most prefer.
Commission: 10% of the amount donated. Capping at 10,000 USD per person.

6. Unincorporated Spiritual Ministries
Target Audience: People doing good in the world that want complete financial sovereignty and freedom from taxes, audits, and financial reporting.
Offering: USA based unincorporated spiritual ministries are exempt from all taxes, have no spending requirements, no filing requirements, and can own assets, distribute income, and make investments like an accredited investor. Ministries can open up taxless bank accounts in nearly every country in the world. Cost of opening a ministry is 4,000 USD. Approved groups only.
Commission: 500 USD.

7. Bulk Organic Greens.
Target Audience: Companies in first world countries that purchase more than 100,000 LBs of leafy greens per year.
Offering: We grow local, top quality, beyond organic, leafy greens for 20% less than all of our competition.
Commission: A 100,000 LB contract pays out 500 USD per month in commission for the length of the contract.

8. Earth Nation Membership.
Target Audience: People interested in learning more about and participating in the new paradigm shift.
Offering: Access to an online international community of people changing the world. Opportunities, education, and connection.
Commission: 30% of monthly donation amount, ranging from 1 USD to 20 USD per month in commision.

9. Ambassador Program Sign-ups.
Target Audience: People interested in earning a living by sharing new paradigm causes.
Offering: Training and connections to new paradigm commissionable actions.
Commission: 100 USD per person plus 25% of their earned commissions.

10. Clothing manufacturing.
Target Audience: People who want to start or who have a clothing line.
Offering: Manufactured clothing for between 4 USD (T-shirts, hats, ect) and 12 USD (Pants, jackets, ect) per item, shipping included. Color printing, custom cuts and designs, anything is possible.
Commission: 10% of the order, on-going commission.

11. Technology manufacturing.
Target Audience: People that want a custom line, or want to reduce costs for any kind of tech, from cell phones, laptops, robots, automation, vacuums, ect.
Offering: We work with the China merchants guild out of Shenzhen, China, the manufacturing capital of the world. We can liason the production of any form of technology at the most competitive prices in the world.
Commission: 4% of the order, on-going commission.

12. Business cost reduction services.
Target Audience: Business owners.
Offerings: Tax reduction and outsourcing services for digital tasks such as legal, websites, applications, graphic design, and video editing. We can typically assist companies to cut costs by 30% or more. Cost of service is 30% of the reduced amount.
Commission: 10% commission.

13. Medical Insurance Billing Service.
Target Audience: Medical Practitioners and Clinics in the USA.
Offering: The ability for clinics and practitioners to bill insurance for treatments, up to 15,000 USD per treatment. Cost of service is 8% of the amount billed plus 500 USD per patient.
Commission: 10% commission.

14. 300% Asset Leveraging.
Target Audience: People and Businesses that wish to leverage assets for loans.
Offering: Capacity to leverage 300% of the value of an asset for approved investments at 6% APR.
Commission: 1% of loan raised capping at 100,000.

15. Community/Ecovillage/Business Development Services.
Target Audience: People that are starting or expanding a business, community, or physical space.
Offering: Broad Spectrum consultation program that interlinks with a full spectrum of professional development services. Consultation packages range from 3,000 to 15,000 USD.
Commission: 10%.