Every Voteholder has been messaged about active requirements. Voteholders that choose not to meet these requirements will be removed from our chatroom and voting rooms until they choose to keep active requirement criteria.

Activity requirements are pretty basic. Sign up for thedao space voteholder room. Assign delegates. Add FB title “Voteholder” of earth nation. Invite friends to like page. Use our amazon link when buying off amazon. Set either our blog or search page to your homepage/new tab default. Go through and educate yourself on the options listed on our solutions portal. Donate $3.33 per month or more to our collective wealth stewardship pool.

For anyone with a particular problem with a specific active criteria can file for an exception through this form https://forms.gle/Z4eG7wPYYhtAhS2H8

In other news, some of Earth Nations primary financial support projects and businesses are taking off. Once these projects have reached a certain critical mass, Dakota Kaiser is going to donate about 150,000 USD to the EN’s Collective Wealth Stewardship pool to kick off our next phase, at which time we will also start another hub/village, most likely in Ecuador, though potentially in Bali, or even both sites.

There is are several excellent opportunities for EN Ambassadors to generate a very significant amount of revenues, with commissions starting at 10,000 USD. A portion of proceeds will also go into the EN’s Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

Our top priority is finding farmers of any kind located in America or Canada. We are offering a technology that increases plant yields by an average of 40%, and animal yields by an average of 20%.

Our second priority is finding wholesale food purchasers able to purchase hundreds of thousand of lbs of leafy greens per month. We are able to undercut their current price by 15% with the same or better quality produce.

Third priority is finding medical center providers in the USA to connect to our advanced billing and Chrysalis treatments. Medical centers benefit from being able to bill for higher amounts for a broader spectrum of treatments that they are already offering, as well as access to additional treatments that will benefit their patients and their income streams.

Commissions for these arrangements are paid regularly, and a single deal will set you up with more money then you’ll ever need to pay your bills.

We have more then a dozen other commission oriented arrangements for a wide spectrum of personal and industrial products and services. Message Dakota Kaiser for details if desired.