Earth Nation TV

Earth Nation TV is a digitally distributed video channel emphasizing on inspiring, encouraging, solutionary, visionary, and positive content. Our intention is to inspire hope and confidence in our viewers by showcasing the best sides of humanity.

Our goal is to provide a 24/7/365 perpetual stream of content. We intend to achieve this goal by mimicking traditional news channels and hiring numerous subsidiary companies to develop 30 minute – 3 hour shows.



  1. Summary
  2. Index
  3. Content Categories
  4. Subsidiary Structures
  5. Revenue Models
  6. Growth Strategy
  7. High Potential Partners
  8. Show Concepts


Content Categories

The categories of content we intend to cover are;

Breaking News and On The Ground Coverage;humanitarian organizations, green/cooperative businesses, green/humanitarian politicians, laws and policies, festivals, events and intentional communities.

Documentaries covering a wide range of available knowledge sources.

Talk-shows emphasising new paradigm topics.

Cinematic Productions with a focus on integrated spirituality, emotional and physical well being.

Music videos from artists aligned with our Ethos.

Reviews on major aligned social media influencers and their content.

Educational and motivational speakers covering a vast range of topics.

Meditations and Yoga with an general emphasis on practical, simple, and grounded exercises.



Subsidiary Structure

Within our modeling there are 3 classes of Subsidiaries. Content, Film, and Production

Content subsidiaries are the companies responsible for writing and directing each individual show.

Film subsidiaries are responsible for hiring, training, managing, deploying and maintaining teams and infrastructure tasked with filming Earth Nation News. Our plan is to work with a multitude of Film subsidiaries based on a bidding system. When a Content subsidiary needs to have film shot in the field, or when a new green room needs to be set up and managed, that Content subsidiary will put out a bid to our network of Film subsidiaries.

Production subsidiaries take filmed content and process it into the desired format. Our plan is to work with one large agency to handle all of our processing needs.


Revenue Models


This business plan has three primary methods of generating revenue.

The first utilizes traditional advertising; though we will only advertise for companies that are meeting minimum benchmarks for social good and environmental harmony.

The second method focuses on creating “Premium Content Shows” wherein we charge a majority of speakers appearing on “Premium Content Shows” cash up front in exchange for air time for their personal or company brand. This idea came from a show called Exploring the Block on Fox Business Network that charges companies $10,000 per minute to be interviewed on the show.

The third method is through creating an Earth Nation News Application that rewards users for watching our show, for purchasing our recommended products, and for reading our emails. This gives us the ability to also monetize emails, push notifications, and our own store.

The fourth method is via a cryptocurrency called ENN – Reach; enabling investment through a distributed network of publishers that promote Earth Nation News content. Details here.


Growth Strategy

We will start this project initially by hiring 3-10 content subsidiaries, 1-3 film subsidiaries, and 1 production subsidiary to produce 1-2 hours of content a day, which we can compile into 4-10 hour blocks.

These content blocks can then be live streamed across major social media pages. During these blocks we can advertise for our application and funnel our social media followers into our application. Once on our application (thanks to push notifications and a clever application based user reward system and online store); our user engagement and retention scores will skyrocket and we will simultaneously be able to monetize all of our user engagement to create additional revenues to fund additional subsidiaries to continue building content until our news channel is producing 24/7/365. At which point we will broadcast on our own international television channel.


High Potential Partners

Gaia TV.
Collective Evolution.
Truth Theory.

Conscious Media Coalition.
Superhero Academy.


Show Concepts


The Daily Documentary: A daily 3 hour segment from 1AM to 4AM, or whatever time has the least views. Showcasing a recording of the featured documentary with a very light commentary. There are currently more than 400 known documentaries that are aligned with our ethos and we can occasionally re-show the most popular and highest quality documentaries.

Intentional Lifestyles: A daily 30 minute segment that can be reshown once in the same day. Designed to be a peak view show; Intentional Lifestyles will cover the most successful people, communities, causes, and businesses in the world that are living in alignment with our Ethos.


The Good News: A daily 30 minute segment that can be reshown once in the same day. Covering all things positive that happened in the last 1-7 days.

Earth Nation Music: Three 30 minute segments each day. Showing music videos aligned with our Ethos.

Meditation and Movement: Two 30 minute segments each day. Each segment containing two 8 minute meditations or movement exercises and a few minutes of conceptual introduction.

Gaia TV: Two one hour segments once a day. Covering a wide range of content already available on Gaia TV.

Evolutionary Technologies. 30 minutes daily, potentially repeated once each day. Covering leading edge technologies that have potential positive impact for humanity.

Good Business. 30 minutes daily, potentially repeated once each day. Covering companies in alignment with our Ethos that have investment and business partnership opportunities.

Communities Across the World: One hour, 1-3 times a week. On the ground footage and interviews at 1000+ communities in alignment with our Ethos.

What’s New
: One hour covering the best content from social media influencers in alignment with our Ethos. Shown 1-3 times a week.