Earth Nation Market

The Earth Nation Market is designed to be a conscious, sustainable and ethical alternative to Amazon.

While Amazon hosts hundreds to thousands of options for each kind of products, The EN market is designed to sell only the highest quality, best priced, and most sustainable version of each product.

The EN Market donates 100% of its profits to the Earth Nation and EN aligned charities.

Earth Nation Market is committed to offering the same products available on Amazon for 3% less than Amazon’s listed price. We also offer the same shipping rates and times as Amazon, including free shipping in the USA.

Get the best products in the world, support a better world for everyone, and save money while doing it.

How could it get any better?

Make 7% commission on sales from your friends.

Make 5% commission on sales from your friend’s friends.

Make 3% commission on sales from your extended network.

Earn an additional 2% discount (for a total of 5% off) when you use Equality Keys, or other EN currencies to purchase items in the EN store.

How is it possible for us to offer better pricing then the Amazon Giant? 

1. Our system is built on amazon’s multi-channel fulfillment and customer support services. 
2. Our system is 100% automated and requires no employees. 
3. Our initial profit margins are incredibly low. 5%-10%. As we scale and gain access to distributor agreements, and as we develop our own products to fit the demand created from our store, we will become far more profitable. 

This gives us a lower cost then our competition, while relying on the same massive infrastructure network backing
Our in

To get this project started we are offering a phenomenal 20% discount for people that pre-order product for the EN Market.

All products will go through a evaluation process that will use standardized criteria to evaluate a 1-5 rating on the following
Give-back to the planet
Company structure
Quality and Price
Wage rates for employees and employees of directly connected companies


Earth Nation Market Technical Specifications:
WordPress + Divi + Royal Theme
+ coinpayments crypto processing

+ waves tokens crypto processing

+ affiliate payment system
+ Amazon shipping/ Fullfillment