This plan details how Earth Nation is moving towards a far more Utopian World. 

Phase 1: Initial Outreach and Testing.
Timeline: 7 years, 2012-2018.
1. Find globally scale-able and profitable solutions to the vast majority of known problems related to poverty, health, happiness, corruption, violence and pollution.
2. Test and develop alternative decentralized government and economic systems.
Phase 2: Economic Growth and Heart-Centered Connection
Timeline: 2-5 years
1. Share and implement known solutions with individuals, investors, business-owners, and local governments.
2. Partner with and support the development of real world action centers (event venues and residential communities).
3. Financially support change-agents across the world by sharing generous commissions when one of our enterprise grade solutions is implemented.
4. Grow our online international community of members to over a thousand people.
5. Develop Earth Nation’s recurring revenue streams to 100,000 USD per month from expanding our membership based income and then investing earned income into New Paradigm Industrial Production Facilities.
Phase 3: Fractal Growth and Rapid Expansion/Implementation.
Timeline: 4-7 years.
1. Maintain a team of Earth Nation Voteholders as full-time employees to manage EN Projects.
2. Fund additional EN Teams and positive-change projects.
3. Fund and support organizations with overlapping intentions/objectives.
4. Develop and support numerous 20-100+ person residential community centers.
5. Develop Earth Nation’s recurring revenue streams to 1,000,000 USD per month.
6. Partner with and support several Earth Nation front-facing brands. Games, media, events, products, services and apps.
Phase 4: Support Multi-Thousand Person Populations and Gain Localized Recognition of EN Authority.
Timeline: 10-20 years.
1. Support native indigenous tribes and local governments across the world with a full spectrum of enterprise-grade solutions to eliminate poverty, corruption, pollution, and violence in localized areas.
2. Obtain literal, legal, political, tax, and law enforcement authority over hundreds of thousands of acres of land across the world.
3. Encourage educational, criminal, environmental, welfare and health policy reform in the areas that we support and hold authority over.
3. Develop villages and towns across our territories.
4. Increase monthly revenue streams past 20,000,000 USD per month.
Phase 5: International Recognition and Implementation of Our Solutions in Most Countries on Planet Earth.
Timeline: 20-50 years.
1. Support small and poor countries with our enterprise solutions.
2. Broadcast our success across the world via our media outlets.
3. Sponsor politicians across the world that are in alignment with our goals and agendas.
4. Develop towns and cities across our territories
5. Expand our controlled territories to millions of acres.