Earth Nation Application Features

1. Holonic Governance


Groups: Anyone can form a new group. Each group has its own customizable options. Including

– Whether the group is open, closed, or private.

– Requirements to join the group

– Whether the group uses weighted (multi) or unweighted (one per person) voting mechanisms.

– The % threshold required for proposals of each proposal category to pass.

– The duration of proposals for each proposal category. Whether there is a multi-round process.

– Groups can also make new proposal categories.

– Group description, including an Intentional declaration, Action Plan, Business Plans, Governance Policies Economic Policies, and the Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool asset list.

Threads: Similar to Forum threads. Each thread allows for polls/decisions to be made within them, to facilitate group conversation regarding related issued.

Poll types: There are numerous types of polls that facilitate group data collection.

Vote Types: Each group comes with a series of default vote types. Groups can also create their own vote types. Each group may set the parameters of each vote type.

– Invite Member. Self-Explanatory

– Exile Member. Removes a voting member or group.

– Increase Voting Power. Increases the voting power of a certain member or group.

– Decrease Voting Power. Decreases the voting power of a certain member or group.

– Forge Alliance. Offer to invite another group to have a vote within your group. If accepted, any proposals made in your group will generate a mirror proposal into the group you invite into your alliance.

– Propose New Category. Create a new proposal category and set its initial parameters.

– Modify Governance Policy. Modify the voting parameters of an existing proposal category.

– General. Vote on something that doesn’t affect the software backend of the platform.

– Propose Treasury Item: Offer an item, resource, time, IP, or anything else of value to a group. Along with sharing details about what is offered, the offeror may also indicate an intention they wish the offering to be used towards.

– Propose Project: Select from a list of treasury items from your group, and every other group connected via a forge alliance partnership to your group. Describe a detailed action and business plan that outlines the usage of the treasury items indicated in the proposal.

 -Token/currency integrations to allow groups to create their own currency, and then manage the distribution of that currency via the collective voting process.

-Groups will also have access to a plug and play online store framework that receives fiat/crypto and tokens on our platform.

-Our platform will also utilize a decentralized exchange to allow tokens on the platform to be exchanged for each other and for other major crypto and fiat currencies.

-Legal and bank integrations. For a nominal fee, legal constructs will be generate-able that legally represent and uphold the decisions made in groups.

-These legal constructs will have access to international bank accounts that will accept the signatures provided by treasury keepers assigned by the group through the voting system or may accept a signature provided by the Dao-space platform itself, or a combination thereof.

Trust and reputation.

-Member profiles.

-Group-set security layers.

This phase will transform our platform to include Linked-in elements focusing around trust rating, member resumes/portfolios and the capacity for “semi-public” groups that require a basic security clearance established through being accepted to a group that has that clearance.

2. Currency Exchange + Store Integrations
All currencies generated through this platform will be easily compatible with woocommerce stores, wordpress stores, and will also be listed on our decentralized exchange.

3. Marketplace.
A online product store that api integrates with amazon fulfillment servers. This store will receive certain waves tokens and fiat/paypal/credit card payments. This store also comes with a 3 tiered affiliate program that tracks and distributes payments automatically.

4. Freelancer Directory.
Similar to, but with fewer features. Users need a way to post services/skills and to receive ratings from other users on their profile/service offerings. Users can also pay each other and list pricing in USD/our other crypto waves tokens.

Within this we will need a profile page for each user that lists which orgs they are a part of, their skills, references, certifications. Ideally this part is also available via website.

5. Media Gallery/Online Academy
Similar to netflix… a place for us to store EN related content video content and written content for our users to view. Content is added by admins only. The system needs to be able to track which videos/articles were seen/completed by the user. We want to be able to add automatically checked quizes after certain sections. Users may be rewarded points for completion of certain sections.

6. New Paradigm Directory
A page of listed icons/images of different new paradigm organizations. Divided into categories.

7. embed
We have our own social media platform we wanted embedded into the application if possible.

8. Chatrooms and messaging
Users can speak to each other directly through the app. Users can also make chatrooms with multiple channels, similar to discord. If at all possible, can we embed discord into the app?

9. Push notifications.
Users receive push notifications under different circumstances.
1. When an admin sends out an app wide announcement
2. When a user posted service is purchased
3. When a user is messaged.

Admins must be able to easily set where the user goes when clicking on the push notification. The destination for different pushes may be different.

10. Social Media Sharing verification
Users can share select content to social media in exchange for points. Our system needs to be able to automatically verify that a public post was shared, and to be able to check on the amount of followers are connected to the place where the post was shared.

11. The Collective Library.
If at all possible…. To embed google drive into this application. We want a place our members can freely share their info/files, ideally without using our own storage space….

12. Map embed.
Super simple on this one. We already have a html embeddable map to add to the app.