This plan outlines a proposal for the next iteration of the Earth Nation. 



  • Intentional Summary
  • Why We Care
  • Historical and Future Summary
  • Economic Summary
  • Existing Revenue Models
  • Upcoming Revenue Models
  • Partnered Investment Options
  • Economic Expansion Plan
  • Loan Options
  • Presidential Council Proposal
  • Call to Action


Intentional Summary

The Earth Nation is a decentralized platform designed to regeneratively actualize the New Paradigm through application of collective intelligence, will and effort.

The New Paradigm is the embodiment of fully realized sentience, intelligence, consciousness, and integrated wellness. A way of being that is harmonious, sustainable, healthy, happy, peaceful, and efficient. This New Paradigm involves a shift in our individual lives, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs, as well as a shift in how our National Governments and Corporate Systems function. In the New Paradigm, violence, crime, health issues, pollution, corruption, and war do not exist, or are radically reduced to a fraction of what is normalized in the Traditional Paradigm.

The Earth Nation is an international place for New Paradigm aligned people to come together (without centralization, or top-down power structures), and share resources, money, land, intellectual property, technologies, connections, virtual properties, tools, physical infrastructure and individual/collective intelligence and knowledge for the purpose of assisting one another with shared objectives that fit within the scope of the New Paradigm.

Why We Care


Why do we care about the Earth Nation and the New Paradigm? There are many overlapping desires held by Members and Voteholders of the Earth Nation that include…

A desire to leave behind a better world for our children.
An empathic connection and care for the animals and other life forms of Planet Earth.
An empathic connection and love for the Planet Earth Itself.

A desire to be of service and assistance to humans that are asking for help.

A desire to cease and reverse what appears to be a potentially apocalyptic series of environmental disasters caused by extreme pollution and climate change.
A desire to experience an evolved Utopian Culture and Society.
A desire to cease Government and Corporate Corruption, Violent Warfare, and Sex Trafficking.
A desire to reduce crime and disease, in all forms.

To determine whether collaborating with the Earth Nation is in alignment with you, please ask yourself a few questions.

1. Do you believe that the creation and actualization of a better world, with happier healthier humans and more effective and intelligent government and corporate systems is possible?

2. Do you care enough about creating a better world that you are willing to freely give a small portion of your time/energy/resources towards the above mentioned goal?

3. Do you want to be, or are you already, an empowered leader, an owner, or a financial beneficiary of the New Paradigm?

4. Do you wish to work with like-minded friends and allies to support you in embodying your purpose in actualizing the New Paradigm?

5. Do you prefer to make your own choices over being told how to act and what to do?

If you answered YES to all five questions, we would love to support you in actualizing the New Paradigm.

For more information on the EN Alliance, EN Members, and EN organizations, click here


Historical and Future Summary


The origins of the Earth Nation started with the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty in 2009. This organization was dedicated to finding and connecting new paradigm land based communities and solutions. The Tribe eventually grew to include 200 communities, 32 ambassadors, and 7 positive change networks.

After extensive online marketing campaigns, the Tribe discovered that just talking about New Paradigm organizations was not enough to create the change we wish to see. So in 2014 the Awakening Sovereignty Collective was formed. A decentralized autonomous organization designed to pool resources and then use online voting processes to distribute those resources to actualize on paradigm shift projects. This Collective went through 7 iterations of its voting and economic systems and included over 300 voters throughout its numerous incarnations. During this time numerous businesses were made including PAG and STADA and more than 10 million people were reached in our online marketing campaigns. The most notable assets that were pooled at this time were a combined 15,000 acres of land on 5 continents. We still have access to much of this land and infrastructure today.

In 2017 the Earth Nation was formed. We raised over a hundred thousand dollars in cryptocurrency and several hundred thousand dollars in sweat equity from about 70 participants. We built and tested a wide variety of collaboration tools, governance and resource distribution methodologies and systems.

However, we did not manage to create sustainable economic growth. In mid 2018 the development and engagement of the EN itself came to a halt and numerous core founders refocused upon private corporate projects designed to produce a high amount of consistent income while simultaneously accomplishing New Paradigm objectives.

We have developed numerous functioning and scale-able revenue models, as well as partnerships with other companies that allow us to “put money to work” (doing something very beneficial for the planet/our people) at very high returns (30%-100%+ annually) and very little risk.

This means that in the next phase of the Earth Nation, we will benefit from ever-increasing amounts of monthly income through which we can fund the development of an ever-higher amount of New Paradigm projects.

Our recently formed economic partnerships and regenerative funding mechanisms, in combination with our voting and resource distribution systems, along with our alliances with widely recognized and respected Sovereign Nations, Private Societies, and Unincorporated Spiritual Ministries such the New Earth Nation, Pan Terra, Sioux Nation, Flower of Life Society and Royal Kingdom of Hawaii will enable us to become recognized as our own Private Society and International Independent Nation in the years to come. Our future as a globally recognized, shining example of a truly effective, efficient, happy, healthy New Paradigm Society and Government/Nation is inevitable.

Economic Summary


Equality Keys are designed to be the fuel of the Earth Nation platform. A medium that facilitates both the funding/actualization of New Paradigm projects as well as an on-going financial incentive for people choosing to participate in the funding of the New Paradigm. 

Furthermore Equality Keys are designed to be a medium by which similar organizations and movements can interconnect economies to create what is becoming an international digitized resource based economy, controlled and backed by the people of planet Earth, instead of centralized banks. Designed to facilitate increased abundance for all users of the system, rather than scarcity and lack.

Learn more about Equality Keys Here


Existing Revenue Models


We have developed 7 distinct revenue models that are currently functioning and providing a small, yet consistent and easily scale-able source of income for the Earth Nation.

1. Earth Nation Solutionary Portal and General Membership Subscriptions.
We have established a portal by which anyone can access the massive index of solutions we have compiled over the last decade through the millions of connections we have formed. Our solutions cover nearly every individual and collective challenge known to the english speaking world. We invite you to test us on this. Voteholders may send Dakota Kaiser a message with any challenge or problem that you would like a solution to.

Solutions include, mental health and happiness, physical disorders, cures for theoretically incurable diseases, financing and wealth solutions (access to loans, risidual income, and highly paid work opportunities), business development services (legal, web, graphic, programming, business strategies), land and community development services (construction, permaculture, social coding, terra forming), enterprise grade solutions to poverty, pollution, violence, sex trafficking and government/corporate corruption. For more information, go through our solution portal here.

For Non-Voteholders to gain access to these solutions, an up-front fee of $33.33 + a monthly payment of $4.97 + a $40 (for personal) or $220 (for organizational) fee is required. Many solutions require additional payment, as the majority of our solutions are offered by professional companies in our network.

For people that wish to learn more about and to connect with the Earth Nation and our people, we are no longer a freely entered society. We have established a membership portal that costs a one time $77.77 fee and a $7.77 on going monthly membership fee. This membership gives members access to our chatrooms, meeting recordings, proposal history, our 3,000 community map, and our list of voteholders. Furthermore people wishing to integrate on a deeper level must pay $70 for an integration consultation.

We are also offering a Financial Opportunity portal, costing $333.33 one time and then $33 per month plus a $90 live consultation in order for non Voteholders to gain access to our portfolio of New Paradigm, low risk, high return Investment and Joint-Partnership Opportunities.

For people with little to no money, we also have a free ambassador membership that allows people to share word about the Earth Nation online in exchange for credits that can be spent on membership or voteholdership.

Voteholders have access to the solutionary, membership and financial portals at no additional charge.

People also have the option to become a Voteholder on our website in exchange for a one time $4,000 fee.

All monies received this way, minus a $20 payment to the ambassador holding the Consultation are sent directly to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

2. Affiliate Marketing.
After signing up to learn more about the solutions we offer on our website, users are directed to a page with “freely offered solutions” that mostly include services and products that we have an affiliate marketing agreement with. This page does not require a paid subscription. This page will grow to include additional affiliate agreements. All of the commissions earned through this program will be given to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

Our affiliate marketing includes Amazon Affiliates, soon, all of our Earth Nation Voteholders and members will be able to support the EN Collective Wealth stewardship pool by buying products they are already getting through our EN Amazon link.

  1. Crypto Currency Sales.
    The Earth Nation is the primary broker for 3 cryptocurrencies.
    – Equality Keys, primary utility being its usage to purchase voteholdership. In the near future, the utility of this currency will be drastically extended. 

– Light, the Fuel of a series of MMO video games that award users in a regular payout. Two games currently under development, the first is playable now at Android/Ios and full launch coming next month. Learn more about the series at
– EarthCycle, the fuel of an international decentralized resource pool funding regenerative new paradigm businesses.

100% of sales from the purchase of Equality Keys and Light go towards the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool. 10% of sales from EarthCycle go towards the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

4. Earth Nation Partner; Financial Program.
Center Coordinator Jon Caldwell has pioneered a full spectrum agency service that assists individuals in the USA in obtaining non-collateralized loans from traditional banking institutions. This service includes credit repair, building, and a 4 step funding process that facilitates larger and larger loan amounts, up to $300,000 per person. 1% of the funds raised through this process are committed to the EN’s collective wealth stewardship pool.

We are currently developing a similar process for the UK/Canada/Australia and 2% of the funds raised through these territories are committed to the EN’s collective wealth stewardship pool. 


  1. Earth Nation Partner, Portal Media. 

A company collaboration from Center Coordinators Dakota Kaiser and Prism Pantaz. Utilizing Virtual Intelligence applications created by STADA from the ASC and employees trained and managed by Prism.

Portal Media is a one stop shop for new paradigm influencers and companies. Primary feature being a social media growth service that results in 10,000+ real, organic followers per year per account. Combined with branding, website design, development, hosting, and custom coded solutions for new paradigm brands and companies.

Portal Media is giving 10% of profits earned to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool and an additional 10% of profits from clients referred by the Earth Nation or EN Voteholders/Members. 


  1. Earth Nation Partner, Flower of Life Society.
    Flower of Life society is the legal format the EN and the ASC have been using for 5 years. This robust legal shell has stood up to an SEC/IRS compliant Audit from Paypal, and has passed through Amazon’s legal evaluation. The benefits of being a spiritual ministry allows us to do whatever we want with our money without paying (almost all) taxes and without filing and without having to deal with any spending requirements.

    We offer the creation of these organizations to like-minded, faith driven, groups for $4,000. We also offer fiscal sponsorship to like-minded projects that includes a bank/paypal account access in exchange for 5% of the funds move through the account.

    Of these amounts, $1,000 of the $4,000 is donated to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool, and 2% of the 5% is also donated to the Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

  2. Earth Nation Partner, Freedom Technologies.
    Freedom Technologies is a hardware distribution company specializing in technologies that are creating unprecedented break-throughs in industry. Our pilot technology is a water structuring technology that is increasing plant and animals yields from 15-45%+ in hundreds of case studies. You can find out more about this tech here

    We are also distribution Ecobuilt food production systems, which produce 90,000 lbs of leafy greens for 40,000 in equipment, while requiring only 1 person working full time to operate. You can find out more about this tech here.

    We are working with a modular waste-to-energy manufacturer and will soon be deploying waste-to-energy units in the same fashion.

    3% of the total profits from this company are pledged to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool. Furthermore, for clients referred to by the EN, EN Voteholders, and EN Members, an additional commission is paid to the ambassador, and an additional 7% of profits are paid to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

Upcoming Revenue Models


  1. Earth Nation Market. We have developed a fully automated software/website framework that utilizes Amazon’s own automated delivery network to create a company that is capable of competing with Amazon’s pricing and free 5 to 2 days delivery policy.

    Whereas Amazon offers an overwhelming amount of options, the EN Market will offer only the most conscious, ethical, sustainable, highest value, lowest cost products known to our network. Details here.

    Profit margins from this store are projected to be between 5%-10%, until we become large enough to gain access to distributor pricing. At which point profits will increase to 10-20%. All of the profits from this store will go into the Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

  2. Earth Nation Application. The accumulation of every software and networking project we’ve done over the last decade. The feature set of this application is incredibly extensive, and there are numerous revenue models built into this application, from paid features, to targeted advertising, to an additional currency called EarthShare, built in the same model as Steem/Steemit.

    Details here. All profits will go towards the EN’s Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.


Partnered Investment Options


Over the last few years, we have gained access to business opportunities primarily dealing in commodities markets, such as food production, fuel and oil production, medicine production and real estate rentals. Since these opportunities do not deal in customer acquisition, and are built on highly successful business models that have been successfully operating for years, the chances of failure in these businesses are as low as they can possibly be.

Our stack of opportunities have historically ranged from 30% annual return, up to 150% annual return.

1. Akasha Domes, 35,000 Minimum. 30%-40% annual return. 4 month turn-over until first round of profits are delivered.

In partnership with New Earth Nation, we have a well managed opportunity that has proven quite successful over the last 3 years. By financing a Dome on their New Paradigm Village, you gain access to 65% of revenues from their Air-B-N-B rental service. They charge $90-$110 per night (depending on the season) and have historically been booked out 1/2 of the year. We expect this rate to increase along with the New Earth Haven’s popularity.

2. Ecobuilt Food Production Systems. 45,000 Minimum. 50%-120% annual return. 5 month turn-over until first round of profits are delivered.

We are still in the development phase of establishing management and distribution centers that can handle the absurd amounts of food these facilities produce. Our first trial facility is in Ava Missouri, and we are seeking partners that can manage additional greenhouses and handle the distribution of the food produced by them. At a wholesale purchase rate of 0.70 dollar per LB of leafy greens, the annual percentage return for the invested party would be 50% annually. At 1.5 dollars per LB this rate increases to 120%. Wholesale market value of leafy greens are generally between $2-3 per LB.

3. Carbon-Cycle Waste to Energy. 3,000,000 Minimum. 95% annual return. 9 month turn-over until first round of profits are delivered.

Carbon-Cycles pilot chamber has been profitably operating at 190% annual return for almost two years. This company wants to scale to a 12 chamber facility and is willing to share 50% of the profits. Once this facility is made, an additional 5 facilities are planned, with the opportunity to place these facilities anywhere in the world there is a landfill. A highly scalable and well managed opportunity.

4. Pesco oil upcycling. 500,000 Minimum. 30% annual return increasing to 50% over 10 years. 2 year turn over until the first round of profits are delivered.

Pesco is a 25 year old company with 36 branches on 6 continents, each branch costs between 5 and 15 million. This is a fully managed opportunity from the oldest and most well established New Paradigm Company in our network.

  1. Marijuana and Hemp Production. 5,000 Minimum. 50%-150% annual return. 6-12 month turn over until the first round of profits are delivered.

    Through Center Coordinator Jon Caldwell we have access to be part of the funding of the largest industrial hemp grow in Maui, Through other partners we also have access to funding carded marijuana grows. Details on these opportunities vary. 


  1. In additional to opportunities dealing in commodities, we also have numerous opportunities to fund similar organizations to ours, such as holo, seeds, and high vibe network. These opportunities are “higher risk” though also have the potential for higher gains (holo had a 1700% increase after its ico within 1 year, and similar gains are being projected into the future). 


Economic Expansion Plan


In the next iteration of our Economic System, I am proposing a few major and important changes.

First and foremost, I propose that we offer to buy back all Equality Keys that wish to be liquidated, at a rate of $0.50 for Equality Keys that were earned through proposals, and a rate of $2.00 for Equality Keys that were purchased.

The reason why the buy-back amount for earned Equality Keys verse the buy-back for Bought Equality Keys is this; in the last phase of the EN, we did not manage to form a fully regenerative economy, and the cost to repurchase all proposal distributed Equality Keys at 2.00 each is so high that doing so will negatively impact our next phase of full economic regeneration.

Second, All Equality Keys will still be exchange-able to purchase EN Voteholdership, at a rate of 1,000 EQK per membership. This gives an opportunity for Voteholders that earned their keys to gift or sell their keys at a rate of their choice to New Voteholders in the EN.

Third, Equality Keys 1.0 may be converted into Equality Keys 2.0, which will begin trading at $7 each and will rise in value in direct proportion to the success and volume of our economy. However, during this conversion, I propose a 3 year locking period (this means that people that trade their Equality Keys 1.0 into Equality Keys 2.0 will not be able to transfer or sell their 2.0 Keys for 3 years). This will give our economy time to regeneratively stabilize so the price of Equality Keys 2.0 will carry a consistent upwards trend.

Fourth, I propose that we replace Equality Keys Credits with Seeds, or a copy thereof.

Fifth, I propose that we no longer award Equality Keys for proposals, instead awarding Seeds or our copy of Seeds. At which point Equality Keys will only be available via purchase. The end result of this is that we will have one currency, Equality Keys 2.0, that will benefit users for holding, like a form of a high-interest bank account. We will have another currency, that will benefit users for earning and spending, thus creating demand for circulation.

More details regarding these proposed economic shifts can be found here


Loan Options


Because I, Dakota Kaiser, believe so fully in the Earth Nation, over the last two years I have spent 23,072 USD on developing and maintaining our online presence, website, and platform services and an additional 5,000 USD on throwing our recent mastermind event. Furthermore I have spent 18,500 USD on buying back EQK from Voteholders that have wanted/needed to sell them. Furthermore I have dedicated an estimated 2,650 hours of unpaid time spent on building partnerships, developing companies, experiences, and virtual properties on behalf of the Earth Nation.

I would like to contribute the EQK purchased this way, back to the EN Reserve. I would also like for these above mentioned amounts to be considered a loan to the Earth Nation.

In the coming 6 months, I am willing to dedicate another 120,000 USD as a loan to the Earth Nation, for a total of 166,572 USD loaned. These loaned amounts to accrue interest, at a rate of 15% per year, with a back-payment of 13,971 USD to be paid for loans already made.

I propose that loaned fund distribution will not be voted on by the Earth Nation Voteholders or the Council of Center Coordinators. Rather, our Newly proposed Presidential Council will have the only vote in how loaned funds are utilized. It is my intention to use these funds on proven businesses mentioned above and to facilitate the Economic Expansion outlined above. 


Presidential Council Proposal


I propose that we implement a Presidential Council into the Earth Nation.

The approval of this proposal, or a similar proposal, is a requirement for me to attribute the above-mentioned loan to the Earth Nation.

The Presidential Council to replace the Strategic Economic Team as the third voting body of the Earth Nation. The Strategic Economic Team itself will still exist, however, its function will be primarily to inform the EN of relevant economic and financial information, rather than having a direct vote on the Earth Nation’s decisions.

Requirements to join the Presidential Council:
1. Be an active EN Voteholder.
2. Sit on the Council of Center Coordinators.
3. Be approved by the Presidential Council voting process.
4. Offer and maintain a minimum loan amount of 50,000 USD to the Earth Nation. This loan to accrue interest, paid monthly, at a rate decided by the Presidential Council (Currently set to 15% annually).
5. Freely contribute (without compensation) a minimum time/network/asset/business/resource/service value of 50,000 USD or higher to the Earth Nation (EN Family Currencies qualify as valid contributions. Equality Keys to be valued at a rate of $4.00, EarthCycle at $2.00, Light at $0.10).

Important Note Regarding requirements 4 and 5; attributed loan and freely contributed value can occur through an organization that the applying President is on the board of or an executive of. Funds and contributions do not need to come from the applying President directly.

The loan and contribution requirements of Presidential Council Applicants to rise over time in direct proportion to the economic growth of the Earth Nation.

Privileges of the Presidential Council:
1. 33% of net revenues contributed to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool to be paid evenly to members of the Presidential Council.
2. 33% of all currencies distributed as interest to Earth Nation Members/Voteholder to be paid evenly to members of the Presidential Council.
3. Presidential Council to have the right to Veto any Earth Nation Proposal.

Parameters around enforced resignation of Presidential Council Members.
The Earth Nation Voteholders may choose to vote someone out of the Presidential Council, or to terminate/replace the Presidential Council all together. In order to do so, the EN must be able to fully compensate the President(s) in question at fair market value for all of the Presidents contributions to the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool. This also involves purchasing back all EN Family currencies owned the President and fully repaying all loans and accrued interest.

The reason i believe the formation of a Presidential Council is critical for our next phase is this; for our movement to thrive, we need a strong core of empowered leadership that is well versed in the world of finance, business, and wealth.

To incentivize the participation of this core team, a strong financial incentive is key, thus privileges 1 and 2, effectively granting the Presidential Council one third of all of the profits that the Earth Nation will ever make, in addition to high interest loan payments and gains in value of EN Currencies held.

To encourage significant contribution without fear of loss, thus privilege 3, which gives the Presidential Council the right to Veto any funding proposals deemed unintelligent from a financial standpoint.

It is important to note that while the Presidential Council has the right to Veto, they still require the approval of the EN Voteholders and the Council of Center Coordinators to pass proposals. 


Call to Action


I, Dakota Kaiser, am requesting your assistance in the manifestation of the next level of embodiment of the Earth Nation and the New Paradigm. I would much prefer for the Earth Nation to be a decentralized collaborative in all aspects, rather than solely using traditional business partnerships and typical employee relationships to accomplish this next, most critical, upcoming phase.

For those that wish to work directly with me and the Earth Nation, as an empowered collaborator, I am offering a very significant amount of Earth Nation 2.0 Keys, a permanent % of future EN income, and voting power and privileges equal to my own, in all current and future voting bodies of the Earth Nation. 

Here are a few ways you can assist in the next phase of the Earth Nation and the New Paradigm.

1. Explore our newly created website portal. Discover the depth and capacity of the solutions we are offering. Assist us in refining and evolving our offerings and presentation by making suggestions directly to Dakota Kaiser.

2. Ask questions about anything you do not understand. Study our systems and offerings until you have a full understanding of what we are doing, how we are doing it, and what we have planned for the future.

3. Expand your belief systems and hold the field of belief that we are doing this, and that our success is inevitable.

4. Be an active representative of our Solutionary Society. Share the good news with the people you love and inspire collaboration and activation, while also earning a significant commission on a wide variety of products and services. Join our Ambassador Team. Invite your friends to like our page. Change your FB Title to “Voteholder” at “Earth Nation”.

5. Gift or Sell Equality Keys you’ve earned to people who wish to become Voteholders. Pick the Voteholders you invite carefully.

6. Use our Amazon affiliate link to purchase the products your already buying. Recommend EN Services and Products whenever they are relevant.

7. Pledge the Earth Nation a Loan, or go through the Financial Program and start investing money in New Paradigm businesses. Become a person of Wealth, or share the Wealth you already have in a way that makes you even more Wealthy while also producing positive impact with our world and our people.

8. Sign up to join our Seed Activation at EN Terra Frutis in Ecuador. We’ve been given 300 prime acres of land to start developing a permanent EN Village and an entire New Paradigm Village Network.

9. Apply to fill one of the following roles. Roles paid in Equality Keys 2.0 and USD commissions when appropriate.

9.1. Video Content Creator: Producing live and animated videos discussing the paradigm shift and the EN Movement.

9.2. Publicist: Connecting the Earth Nation to Media Outlets to freely distribute our message and content.

9.3. Writer: Producing written content for the Earth Nation social media portals.

9.4. Solutionary Ambassador: Connecting individuals and businesses to our offered solutions and to our Solutionary Portal.

9.5. Financial Strategist: Develop our economic and business strategies and revenue streams.

9.6. Fundraiser: Assist in obtaining resources, assets and funds for the EN Collective Wealth Stewardship Pool.

9.7. Strategic Partnerships: Forge strategic partnerships with like minded organizations and businesses.

9.8. Land Steward: Develop our on-the-ground communities with construction or permaculture skills. Training is available for those who wish to learn.

9.9. Programmer. Code our upcoming software systems.

9.10. UI/UX/Graphic Design. Design and create our upcoming application front-ends.

9.11. Community Engagement: Facilitate online and offline meetings and events with the Earth Nation.

9.12. Team Leaders. Have an idea on something were not doing/planning that would benefit the growth/expansion/development of the Earth Nation and the New Paradigm? Are you willing to lead the creation and implementation of that idea? Great. We’d love to support you in doing that.

Please send me a message if you have any questions. I am here for you.